The Jogging Stroller: A Love/Hate Relationship

If you’re a parent who has even the slightest care towards staying active, you likely have a jogging stroller. They’re not cheap, but they do often come in handy, even when you’re not jogging. I have run many, many miles with mine, with both of my children (separately, I don’t have a double) but I have never learned how to fold it down. It’s been 5 years with that thing, why bother to learn now?

It’s a serious love/hate relationship with this stroller.

I love that it gives me the option to still run when I do not have childcare for my children. I love that it shows them from an early age that being active should be a regular part of life. After watching my husband and I run through the park, stopping occasionally to do push-ups, my son would ask to get out of the stroller so he could run and do push-ups, when he was just two years old. Teach them while they’re young! They are watching! I love that when I haven’t been able to convince my kids that a nap is a great idea, I’ve put them in the stroller and eventually the motion makes them fall asleep. Dual purpose – fitness and nap accomplished!

I hate how much harder it is to run when pushing a heavy human in a heavy stroller. You might as well throw time and distance goals out the window. I can’t run as fast as I normally can. Mine doesn’t have a swivel front wheel, so while it is is sturdy, it does require a smidgen of extra work when making turns. It also helps if you make sure the wheels are totally pumped up. I’m pretty sure I’ve run with half-flat wheels most of the time. I don’t recommend that. However, if I can run several miles with a stroller, how many can I do when I’m not pushing one?

Moms (and Dads – though I’m not a dude so I can’t truly speak for you), don’t let kids be an excuse for a lack of exercise. Put them in a jogging stroller and let them get some fresh air while you sweat like a pig. Don’t forget their water and snacks! Be prepared to stop frequently. Be prepared for it to not go totally as planned. Know that it’s okay to walk. You can even make it an exciting game – have your kid squeal and cheer you on when you do sprints, then walk for a bit, and repeat. Don’t go past a playground unless it’s near the end of your run. Embrace the difficulty, but know you’re doing something great for you while being a great example for your child.

Keep running, friends!


SuperMOM – When Life Gets In The Way

I love lists and planning. Despite all the technological advances of the world, I will be that person that always has a paper list and yearly planner. Forever. No iPhone grocery or to-do list for this girl. It’s July and I’ve had to force myself to not by a 2018 planner yet.

So I have this blog (that needs a lot of work – I’m aware). I have my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I’m out there but I’m not active enough yet. I have my goals and my intentions, and eventually they’ll link up. Sometimes life just gets in the way, and that is A-OK. I’ve been busy doing other important life tasks that have been nagging me. I’ve been crossing off items on my to-do, to-see, to-organize lists. But this site still lingers in the back of my brain waiting for me to focus on it, so here I am.

June was strength training month. I had a few posts and a few good tidbits of information, but I wouldn’t call it a successful month. I could have shared more, my apologies. Life got in the way… For July I’m moving onto another diet to try and discuss… Paleo Diet. I have mixed feelings on it. I was a big fan of the Zone Diet that I strictly followed in May, and for the most part followed in June. I allowed myself alcohol in June, and had rice a few times, but I have stuck pretty well to the fundamentals of the diet and thus my weight has stayed down (insert applause). I’m moving to the Paleo Diet. It is not vastly different from the Zone Diet when looking at the foods allowed to eat (except now beans and all dairy are not allowed) but instead of counting and weighing the amount of food eaten, it is relying on the quality of food to gain health rewards.

I recently signed up for another half-marathon, as well as my first duathlon! Eek! I’m now incorporating biking into the mix to give myself a new challenge. I’m not doing the sprint version either, I’m doing the real deal (sprint is awesome too, don’t misunderstand that). In addition to my feedback on this popular diet, be on the lookout for advice on how to up your cardio game as I train for my upcoming races.

Note the picture – I had one heck of a productive day and I earned my temporary “SuperMom” title for the day.