My name is Jen and I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, mom, military spouse, and fitness enthusiast. “As long as you’re doing something, I’m happy” is something my clients and friends will often hear me say in class. Sometimes our bodies and minds cannot do certain exercises, or simply don’t want to. I believe it’s important to encourage and motivate people to understand that THAT IS OKAY. Pick a different exercise and keep moving so you don’t fall victim to insecurity and negativity.

I offer a variety of training options because we all have different fitness personalities. Some people need to be in an environment with other like-minded individuals to keep them accountable – thus I teach outdoor bootcamp classes. Some people just need someone else to show them what to do, without having to spend too much time out of their day or to go looking for childcare – thus I offer Facebook Live exercise classes. Some people need a trainer to push them, teach them, motivate them, and make them feel less insecure – thus I offer one-on-one training. Some people don’t have a motivation problem at all, just a busy schedule and mental exhaustion that doesn’t let them schedule in time with a trainer, or make it to a class, and they end up too tired to think up what exercises they want to do – thus I offer a package of personalized exercise plans that get emailed out to them to execute on their own time, whenever they can fit it in, and it’s tailored to whatever equipment they have available.

I truly and honestly love my job. The people who have invited me into their fitness journeys have inspired me and educated me.

If you have any questions as you navigate through my site, please reach out. As I am my own boss, I have the ability to make changes to training offerings, so if there is something you need but don’t see, we can work together to customize something for you.

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