Thank you for stopping by the Courage To Sweat website! I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, mom, Navy wife, and slow marathon runner. I am on a mission to provide personalized exercise plans that motivate people to achieve their fitness goals, and become a happier, healthier, stronger versions of themselves.

I strongly believe in creating realistic fitness goals, while also pushing ourselves. My training comes in two forms – online, customized plans created for you, and only you, sent to your email. Exercises are picked out for you based on your fitness history, what equipment you have available, any health or physical limitations, and preferences. I then will provide expert training over the phone and through videos.

My Traveling Trainer Package is available to those located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For those clients, I meet you at your home, favorite park, or wherever you’re preferred exercise space is, and provide in-person training. Starting January 2020, I am available at the Ocean Springs Beach, Monday – Friday, 8:00-2:00 to provide hour-long training sessions for you, and your accountability partner.

What you can expect from a plan I will create for you:

  • No purchase of equiptment is required. (No hidden sales tactics here!) Your plan is based around what you have available to you, whether it be a gym, at-home equipment, or simply floor space in your house. The exercises will be tailored to what you have access to, in your environment.
  • The number of days and times of your workouts is based on your schedule. We will fit in exercise time for you based on where you life allows it. Each workout is intended to be an hour long, however it can be tailored to be broken down into multiple parts throughout the day.
  • I will be available to answer questions about exercises, to help motivate you, and to check in with to ensure you’re holding yourself accountable. I will be available via email, phone, FaceTime and Skype.
  • No two plans will be alike, as we are all different. We all have different interests and are at different fitness levels. The exercises I choose for you are for YOU to reach your fitness goals. They are not a one-size-fits-all generic exercise list.

By providing plans that are tailored to your specific interests, fitness level and schedule that work with what equipment you have, this allows you to take control of your physical fitness. This allows exercise to realistically fit into your life, without adding stress. It forces you to say, “No excuses”. It will challenge you, but also show you how strong you already are. I will start as your personal cheerleader and motivator, with the hopes of you one day looking in the mirror and becoming you’re own inspiration.

“We all have the ability to sweat, we just don’t all have the courage to sweat for our dreams.”


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Jen, my friend, my trainer. I love her dearly – and disliked her too! Our sessions had a lot of, “No, I can’t do that! I’ve never done that! I don’t like you anymore!” But she stuck by me all the way, many times, not just one session. Jen taught me many exercises I never did before, nor wanted to do, but I learned so much and now I can make my own routines. She is always there to support me and understands when life happens (mom of three, military husband that travels often, barely time for me). She has so much knowledge, patience, and she sure does make you work it out in her sessions. You will always feel strong and proud you did it after working out with her. She still supports my staying fit journey with many ups and downs. She’s always there. You want a trainer that knows her stuff and understands how to make it happen. She’ll do it with you, but you have to commit first. She’s amazing. My time with her has been my most fitness and motivated time of my life.

Keysi, Marine Spouse, Busy Mom of 3 Boys

“Jen is a creative and effective trainer. She pushed me hard, provided accountability, and developed interesting workouts.”

Jennifer, Aspiring Personal Trainer