In today’s demanding, and digital, world it can be difficult to align our daily life schedules with a traditionally structured workout program. This is why I offer at-home options!

Via the BurnAlong platform, I have several pre-recorded exercise classes that range from 15 to 30 minutes and cover different exercise styles – step, bodyweight cardio, bands, dumbbell weights, and more. The membership is less than $20 per month and gives you access to not only my workouts, but a full range of different wellness topics led by certified instructors from around the world. To find my classes, search for Courage To Sweat or Jennifer Emge. Classes are quick, effective, and able to be done on your own time. You can also view them as many times as you like!

I recently launched my own app – yay! Mixing the Trainerize functionality with my Courage To Sweat branding, I am able to effectively provide workouts to clients located anywhere. I have a 10 Week Back-To-Basics program that includes 4, 30-minute workouts per week for 10 weeks, using only dumbbells and comfortable flooring or exercise mat. Basic, essential, easy-to-understand, effective exercises. The price is only $150, and offers the flexibility for folks to exercise on their own time. I also offer the option to have personalized exercise plans sent through the app. For 30 minute workouts monthly, the price is just $75. For 60 minute workouts, the price is set at $125 monthly. To receive an email link to get setup on the app, send an email to

I offer 30-minute Zoom training sessions for a limited number of clients. I am currently located in Japan, so availability is limited. To snag a session spot, email to get started.