Each month there is a new Facebook LIVE fitness class series. They’re convenient, inexpensive, and effective. (Photo courtesy of Elderberry Images of Ocean Springs, MS)

In 2020, I launched my Facebook Live Workout Groups – and I love it!

Each Facebook LIVE class is just 30-minutes long, with a class series lasting one month. While I will go LIVE at pre-determined days and times, participants do not have to join me live. Each workout is saved and posted on the private group page to be viewed when participants are able to exercise. I have kept the LIVE timing the same each month for consistency, but your days/times that you do the workouts do not have to match.

I lead you through the class just as an instructor would in person. I provide instruction, as well as alternative exercise options for anyone who may have physical limitations inhibiting them from performing some exercises.

No childcare needed. No gym membership needed. Classes able to be viewed more than once. Typically we sweat out 250-400 calories per class.

DISCLAIMER: Should an injury, or serious life-changing illness, occur to either the class participant, or me, a refund of whatever amount of classes remain will be given. A refund because someone became too busy to do the classes will not be given. I am here to motivate, to encourage, to educate, and to help hold you to your fitness goals.

Facebook LIVE classes in 2022 are getting an upgrade! I’m bringing all my popular classes together in one group to provide a well-rounded exercise program that keeps workouts fresh and interesting!

One Facebook group, 3 classes per week, every month. Classes include: Bodyweight Cardio, Full Body Free Weights, and Step Cardio. The price is just $50 per person per month. The only equipment needed for these classes is one aerobic step, at least one set of dumbbells, and an exercise mat for floor exercises.

Alternative Facebook Option: I have many fabulous clients and business supporters who use my classes to supplement their regular workout routine and I don’t want to leave these people behind. I am offering an abbreviated Facebook LIVE option. Each month I will take a poll, allowing people to vote on what exercise class they want that month. The class with the most votes is what we do that month, 2 classes per week, which will typically cost around $24 for the month.