Greetings! I am Jen – a Navy wife, mom of 2 cute kids, and currently residing in Japan!

I have been a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise since 2010, and certified group fitness instructor in 2021. I have speciality certifications in Youth Fitness, Nutrition, and Online Training. I eat normal food, enjoy craft beer, wine, and carbs, but I also love a good physical challenge and showing that us “normal” folks can kick butt too! I don’t post sweaty sports bra pics, nor show off my glutes up close and personal.

One of my goals as a trainer and group fitness instructor is to show people how to have a positive relationship with exercise, how to integrate it into their daily life without it being an added stressor, and motivate others to believe they too can reach, or even exceed, their own goals. I have worked with a lot of wonderful individuals who have medical limitations. Together we find alternative exercises that keep them active, while feeling tough and motivated. I have a passion for working with individuals the mainstream fitness world has left behind. Whether it be knee problems that don’t allow for squatting or jumping, or chronic medical issues that need to be safely catered to, I love finding ways for these clients to find ways to exercise safely and happily.

If you decide to train with me, I will push you to challenge yourself. I will make you mute that negative voice inside your head saying you couldn’t possibly do it. I will have you try exercises you have never done before, while you say, “Is she serious? ” and I will cheer you on when you are excited you have met your goals. I will be there to tell you it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to doubt, and I will help you learn to get back up again and try until you succeed. It can be tough, but I promise it is also so much fun (and safe)!

Although fitness is my work love, I also enjoy traveling, lazily lounging at the beach, watching football, and eating local fare anywhere we travel.

I absolutely love my job! I look forward to hearing from you, and potentially having you as a client (and one day, friend). @couragetosweat