My Personal Training Services

For those located on/around the Mississippi gulf coast, the following personal training options are available:

  • Traveling Trainer – 5, 1-hour sessions ($100) or 10, 1-hour sessions ($200)
  • Traveling Gym – 5, 1-hour sessions ($115) or 10, 1-hour sessions ($230)
  • Accountability Partners Beach Workouts – 10. 1-hour sessions all bodyweight ($250), or 10, 1-hour sessions with use of my traveling gym equipment ($280)

Traveling Trainer: I bring my fitness expertise to you! Whether it be in your home, at your favorite park, or your complex gym, I come to you. I will teach you how to have an effective workout with the space and equipment available to you. **Note: Most membership gyms do not allow outside trainers to come in without a fee.

Traveling Gym: I come to you – equipment in tow! Exercise bands, weight plates, jump rope, dumbbells, and more. I’ll meet you at your home, favorite park or beach and show you how to have an effective workout outside the gym.

Accountability Partners Beach Workout: Available at the Ocean Springs Beach, grab an accountability buddy and workout together! All bodyweight exercises, with smart use of the bridge and area.

New Bodyweight Class launching at Freedom Park in downtown Ocean Springs

Virtual Trainer: For people located anywhere, I can provide virtual one-on-one training via video chat. Demonstrating exercises as though I am right there with you, and providing professional guidance as you perform the exercises. 10, 1-hour sessions are priced at $175 and 10, 30-minute sessions are priced at $115.

For folks located anywhere who prefer an online training option that is still personalized to his/her fitness goals, limitations, medical history, here are my current offerings:

  • Independent Package – 10, 30-minute workouts ($100) or 10, 60-minute workouts ($150)
  • Online Trainer – 3 month training plan via the Trainerize platform, workouts only = $300, or, 3 month training plan via the Trainerize platform, workouts AND nutrition guidance for $375.

Independent Package: Based on your medical and exercise history, equipment available to you, workout preferences, and fitness goals, I create 10 personalized workouts just for you! The first 5 can be reused over and over until you reach a higher level of fitness. The next 5 are built upon your progress to take you closer to your goals. Video demonstrations for exercise clarification are available. I send these to you to perform whenever, wherever, however often you prefer, independently!

Online Trainer: With the use of the (free for you) Trainerize training platform, I will send you personalized workouts, with exercise demonstration videos, you can take with to the gym, or execute at home (based on whatever exercise space you have decided is fit for your training). I will track of your progress, and keep you motivated and accountable. Coaching and check-ins are included. Should you also chose the nutrition option, Trainerize will also be used, so everything is together in an organized, easy-to-follow location.

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