We all have our own exercise personalities, likes/dislikes, needs, and goals. I do my best to offer a variety of options to help my clients get on the path that best sets them up for success.

For those located on/around the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the following personal training options are available:


Workouts Only: 10, 1-hour, personalized workouts tailored to your needs, goals, and skill level for $280

In-Person Workouts + Trainerize App: 10, 1-hour sessions + 10 weeks via Trainerize for $480

In-Person Workouts + Trainerize + Nutrition Tracking & Guidance: 10, 1-hour I’m-person sessions/10 weeks of Trainerize/10 weeks of nutrition guidance & tips for $730

Accountability Partners Workouts: Grab a workout buddy! 10, 1-hour sessions for $350 (split between two people, that’s just $175 per person!) Have more than one friend? Chat with me to tailor a small group private session.

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Creator of Courage To Sweat

For folks looking for training located anywhere, here are my offerings:

Online Trainer: I can provide virtual one-on-one training via video chat (Zoom, FB Messenger, FaceTime, etc.) Demonstrating exercises as though I am right there with you, and providing professional guidance as you perform the exercises. 10, 1-hour sessions are priced at $225 and 10, 30-minute sessions are priced at $175.

Virtual Trainer: With the use of the (free for you) Trainerize training platform, I will create workouts with exercise demonstration videos, you can take with to the gym, or execute at home (based on whatever exercise space you have decided is fit for your training). Workouts are scheduled for every day you have specified as an exercise day. Any amount of equipment will work for this – even if you don’t have any equipment! No need to setup a time with me to exercise, you do it on your own schedule, and I’ll track your progress and hold you accountable from afar.

  • Virtual Trainer – One month of unlimited workouts cost $75 for 30-minute plans, $125 for 60-minute plans.

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