Just Another Motivated Monday

Just Another Motivated Monday

Monday is up there for one of my favorite days of the week. Yes, Monday. I’ve never quite understood the “Monday Blues” thing, but maybe if I was trapped in a job or environment I didn’t want to be in, then I’d get it.

Here we are on another Monday. Another fresh start. Another chance to grab this week by the you-know-whats and make him your you-know-who. (I’m trying not to use foul language here, please tell me you understood that sentence.)

So how does one combating the Monday Blues, start the week off on the right foot and keep the motivation going the rest of the week? Even if you partied too hard, or feel overwhelmed and exhausted – You. Can. Still. Do. This.

Step 1: Make A List (but you may have to rethink how you make that list)

Yes, I know a list is not a new revelation, but I want you to consider how you write that list. Often we put big ticket items on our to-do lists when its the little items that are actually clogging up our brain. We all have those pesky tasks that nag us but never seem important enough to handle. “One day I’ll get to it.” I agree, sometimes life is too busy to sweat the small stuff, but if you’re already sweating it, you’re not going to cool down until it’s handled. If every time you open that guest bedroom closet you groan in annoyance at the clutter, then clear the clutter. Put it on the list and handle it. If something is clogging up space in your mind, you’ll never make room for the big ticket items until it’s done.

Unless something is due by a specific date, make the list for the entire week. This way it allows you the freedom to pick and choose what items you handle each day and you can delight in your productivity as you watch the items be ticked off everyday, instead of mumbling about daily items being carried over to the next day’s tasks.

Step 2: Don’t start Monday off with crappy food choices.

If your health and well-being is a priority in your life, then starting Monday off with terrible food choices is not going to get your mental health started off right. Yes it is highly likely at some point during the week you’ll eat something maybe you could have replaced with a healthier option, but you’re more likely to feel okay with it, to forgive yourself for it, to not have a grumpy attitude about it, if its not on Monday. Grab a piece of fruit, or make an egg white omelette (I’m not against regular eggs, I just think egg whites are easier for omelette flipping) and get your Monday energy a healthy kickstart!

Step 3: Prepare yourself for that “Ah crap!” moment.

Without fail, something always happens that causes an, “Ah crap!” Like you forgot to wash your child’s stinky uniform socks before today’s game. You forgot something was due and you’re currently experiencing a slow technology episode, and you’re five seconds away from throwing an inanimate object across the room. An emergency arises and you “do not have time for this!” It is going to come. Accept it. Own it. Yell incoherent noises if you have to, but when the mayhem is over, it’s over. You cannot allow that one panicked time to completely mess up your positivity and accept defeat. None of that, “Ugh, I give up, maybe next week will be better.” If it’s Wednesday, this week isn’t over, so maybe in an hour life will be calmer again, if you allow it to be.

We all know that so much of life is determined by attitude. To get happy results, we must have a happy outlook. Make your lists. Eat that energizing food. Accept the mayhem when it happens, because it happens to all of us, and keep trucking along. Get that Motivated Monday started, and if Monday sucks, there’s always To-Do-It Tuesday. And if Tuesday sucks too, there’s always Winning Wednesday….


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I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, as well as a Mom and Navy Wife. I work with clients who have faced obstacles in their exercise journey ā€” mental blocks, physical limitations, unexpected health setbacks ā€” and teach them how to effectively exercise in a way they find fun, effective, manageable and realistic.

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