Can you workout with Pinterest?

Can you workout with Pinterest?

Ah, Pinterest. What a great invention, right? We can get lost on that site for hours. Have seaglass you don’t know what to do with? Someone on Pinterest will have an idea for you. Want to teach your child to speak Spanish? Someone on Pinterest already has a plan for you. It’s great, seriously.

Have you ever checked out exercises on there and wondered how good they really are? It can be overwhelming and you can easily lose focus. Do I want to work on my abs? Do I just want a quick, full body, at home workout? Do I want to do push-ups for a 30 day challenge? Realistically, we can spend so much time pinning these exercises and then never actually end up doing the exercises!

But how can we effectively use Pinterest to help meet our fitness goals? First – Have a focus. What specific exercises are you looking for? Do you want body weight exercises, or 30-day challenges, or to learn how to use specific equipment at the gym so you don’t feel or look silly when you go to the gym and try to use it? Figure out that focus, and then only pin exercises related to it.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a professional to pin, so if you see exercises that seem a little wonky, maybe not try those. Be smart. Be safe.

I am a fan of using the 30-day challenges on Pinterest. Anyone can easily stick to doing at least one exercise everyday for a month. I’ve done challenges for ab exercises, burpees, push-ups. It’s a great way to challenge yourself, give yourself a goal, and give you the instant gratification one needs to see improvement in strength and ability.

What are your favorite Pinterest workouts?

Happy pinning!



I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, as well as a Mom and Navy Wife. I work with clients who have faced obstacles in their exercise journey — mental blocks, physical limitations, unexpected health setbacks — and teach them how to effectively exercise in a way they find fun, effective, manageable and realistic.

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