Jen, my friend, my trainer. I love her dearly – and disliked her too! Our sessions had a lot of, “No, I can’t do that! I’ve never done that! I don’t like you anymore!” But she stuck by me all the way, many times, not just one session. Jen taught me many exercises I never did before, nor wanted to do, but I learned so much and now I can make my own routines. She is always there to support me and understands when life happens (mom of three, military husband that travels often, barely time for me). She has so much knowledge, patience, and she sure does make you work it out in her sessions. You will always feel strong and proud you did it after working out with her. She still supports my staying fit journey with many ups and downs. She’s always there. You want a trainer that knows her stuff and understands how to make it happen. She’ll do it with you, but you have to commit first. She’s amazing. My time with her has been my most fitness and motivated time of my life.

Keysi, Marine Spouse, Busy Mom of 3 Boys

“Jen is a creative and effective trainer. She pushed me hard, provided accountability, and developed interesting workouts.”

Jennifer, Aspiring Personal Trainer

Jen is the reason I walk without pain today! When I first started doing bi-weekly training sessions with Jen I was in a lot of pain due to level 4 arthritis in hip joint. She was able to work with me to get me stronger before my total hip replacement. It was the best decision. Recovery was so much easier and then after we jumped right back into the routine as Jen really does her research if you have any limitations. My goal was strength and she exceeded my expectations. She had a variety of exercises so I was constantly challenged. She has a quite way of challenging you to go heavier or hold longer. Which I prefer over being yelled at like a drill sergeant.

I highly recommend Jen.

Erica, Recovering From Hip Replacement

Jen was a great personal trainer. She wanted to know what my goals were and provided recommendations of exercises and food habits that would help me get to my goal. She pushed me even when I didn’t think I could do it. Jen is a true fitness enthusiast and will change your life.

Ellie, 40-something mom

I just wanna thank Jen for being not only a personal trainer but also a friend who stood next to me on my journey of making myself love myself again. I didn’t have much time and I wanna take every minute I have to regain my confident and just simply have time for myself. I asked Jen to be my personal trainer and that was the best thing that happened to me. She always try her best to accommodate my schedule and my work out preferences. Jen makes each work out seems so easy when it’s not but it’s kinda make us laugh and that I had fun with her and I felt great afterward.

Thanks Jen for inspiring me.

Satita, 30-something Mom